is this why the show was taken off nick?

So this is what air benders can do. Sucking the air out of people’s lungs. Just as cool as lightening bending if you ask me

No I don’t think you guys understand this is frightening

Airbenders are pretty much the most powerful benders. A firebender has to create fire. A waterbender is most powerful on the open seas as much as an earthbender is on land. But air is literally everywhere.

The Air Nomads weren’t dangerous because they chose not to be.

Friendly Reminder that Airbenders can suck the air out of your lungs, and more advanced techniques are controlling sound and air pressure. This means they could burst your eardrums, and crush your lungs.

And they also have the potential to create a sharknado.

But does people not get it though? When the airbenders became extinct it wasn’t because they were weak. They could’ve overthrown the firenation with just this single move. If they wanted to, and decided to go against their beliefs, I’m sure they would’ve toppled over the firenation so easily. But they held onto their beliefs. It meant more to them than anything. 

Yo I remember reading years ago about the capabilities of an airbender, one of which was bending the air out of people’s lungs. I always figured that would be too dark, even for Nick…but since they introduced bloodbending…I’m not surprised this wasn’t far behind.

Is everyone just going to ignore the sharknado comment